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The Way Forward

I believe that I can make a bigger impact beyond the gates of a corporate and the borders of South Africa. I am well equipped to work as a coach and mentor with bright young minds, with emphasis on new managers, small business owners and women in particular, especially those from previously disadvantaged backgrounds, having spent a lot of my time in corporate South Africa, informally working in this area, with great results.

Having grown up in the Eastern Cape, attending a township school and having accomplished many career goals against serious odds, I can relate well to them.


The Need

Many business and employment opportunities are missed because people struggle with communicating their aspirations, their strengths, their capabilities, and their personal attributes. This lack of communication results in a gap in matching the best people with the most appropriate roles – which impacts on business being able to build vibrant, diverse, capable teams.

These matches include promotions, building high performance individuals and teams, job opportunities, internships, learnerships as well as part- and full-time employment.


My Approach

Client centric driven by the client and using principles of positive psychology and adult learning in a thinking, engaging, trusting and challenging environment.

I have many years of internal coaching behind my back, with good results. I would like to take this further, with external coaching, both face to face and virtual – to spread my wings and make an even bigger difference in the world. I have a high level of energy and determination, and have an excellent way of working with people and bringing out their best.


My Ideal Client

Someone who works in or wants to work in a corporate environment, or small business – a manager, executive or professional. They must accept that the coach’s role is not to solve their problem but to work with a process that is solution focused, driven by the individual.


  • Success Mindset

    12 Week Intensive Program
    Valid for 12 weeks
    • Build Visualization and Goal-Setting Techniques
    • Narrow Your Focus
    • Gain Access to 10 Success Modules
    • Improve Motivation and Team-Building Skills
    • Conquer Anxiety
    • Learn the Art of Rehabilitation
  • 8 X HIIT

    8 Week HIIT Program
    Valid for 12 weeks
    • Focus on muscle building and raw power
    • Coaching
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