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Veronica Ross, Tongaat Hulett_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited.png
Veronica Ross,
Tongaat Hulett

I found Jacquie Bhana to be a very passionate and caring colleague and HR business partner. With
Jacquie, I always felt like I had a friend in my corner, and knew that I could walk into her office at any
time or pick up the phone and always hear a friendly voice at the other end. She availed herself, and
in a stressful environment, that goes a long way. I have worked for may years with Jacquie, and can
honestly say that I would refer anyone to her if they needed someone to talk to or to seek guidance
for a difficult work situation. She brings experience and authenticity, as she has actually worked in
business for many years, so has been exposed to many challenges. You will be in safe hands with

Pictures of Xolani Magubane of Projectized Management_edited.jpg
Xolani Magubane
HR Graduate Intern

Mentorship has been a huge part of my personal and professional development as an aspiring

chartered HR Practitioner.  Jacquie Bhana helped me to actualize my vision and the ordinary goals I

have for my career, and further created a space for me to develop a more nuanced approach to

career planning and my associations beyond the professional sphere. It has been an amazing

experience to have her as a mentor and coach as she is always able to strike a good balance of

careful listening whilst sharing her wealth of knowledge, ideas, and experience. In a nutshell, it has

been a thought-provoking and life-changing journey that has made me look forward to adding value

from an HR perspective.

Sithandiwe Hlongwane_edited_edited.jpg
Sithandiwe Hlongwane

My name is Sithandiwe from a company called Brightshadow. We are a fashion design company. We are an small business based in Durban.


Jacquie has been my mentor for few months she assisted us a lot ,in setting our goals  and achieving them, setting our targets etc  To work with her helped our business a lot . Thank you


She has this intuitive way of making me feel supported and connected. Her breadth of corporate experience across multiple industries means that she is capacitated to coach me through any situation.

Every conversation is a learning opportunity. Her insights have proven invaluable in my career moves and interview preparation. She has this talent for incisive questions that gives me the courage to be intentional about the opportunities I pursue.

Our first development conversation happened 15 years ago, as a law student, pursuing articles of clerkship at the big 5 law firms in a new city away from all the family or friends that had been so instrumental in delivering me that juncture.

Today, I am a valued team member of the executive team of the most significant mining asset of Australian listed Jupiter Mines Limited and one of the 5 largest exporters of manganese from South Africa.

My exceptional written and verbal drafting, empathetic and consultative leadership style and ability to see otherwise invisible risks makes me a unique business partner. Jacquie has helped me to be more than a lawyer. She has taught me how to generously co-create business solutions. She also reminds me to maintain my sense of humour such that all those around me are equally at ease.

Nomasonto Mankwali_edited.jpg
Nomasonto Mankwali

I met Jacquie when I was very young and had moved to the city having come from living in a rural area. I was afraid, had no matric or any qualifications.

When I met Jacquie, she encouraged and motivated me – I saw her as an example, having also come from humble beginnings, she worked hard and I saw that translating into success. I saw her as a role model.

I have 10 siblings and I was mainly responsible for them, and was able to clothe them having started work and helping them. Jacquie encouraged me to complete my matric at night school and thereafter I got a bursary to study as an Auxilliary Social worker. During that time I completed a computer course and got my driver’s licence. I began to see some growth and change in my life.

After completing my qualification, I needed a job – Jacquie assisted me with entering the formal job market, with writing my cv and helping me to prepare for interviews. She helped me develop my confidence, and I then got a job as a medical receptionist, and I have moved into an accounts manager position. She has assisted me with this transition and growth.

My son is now studying B Comm Accounting. My experience with her, has influenced those related to me as well. The value of a coach and mentor cannot be emphasised. It helps somebody see the possibilities.

Nkonzo Mhlongo
Nkonzo Mhlongo, Corporate Affairs Executive · Tongaat Hulett


I was looking for a coach to help my build my networking skills as well as my confidence as a leader.  Right from the start, I knew I had found the right coach for me.

She was able to skilfully pinpoint the exact reasons why I was struggling and intuitive enough to identify this hidden gap.


Since I’ve been working with her I’ve taken consistent action being vocal about my opinions and perspectives and I push back when needed. The best part of our coaching is that she breaks everything down into actionable steps so making a change is immediate. " Thank you.

1517500917983 (1)_edited.png
Nikita Bouverie, - Reward Consultant - Tongaat Hulett 

I always look forward to my conversations with Jacquie. She is able to strike a unique balance of careful listening with sharing her wealth of experience and ideas. She skilfully pinpoints the crux of a situation and does not fail to leave me with helpful insights, ideas or questions to ponder. Jacquie always values my opinions and makes me know that I am of value and my ideas count and matter. She has not only been an amazing coach but also a caring mentor, and the strategies and lessons she has provided have inspired and motivated me to live a life in congruency with my values and passions. Jacquie is truly one-of-a-kind, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for an intuitive, sincere, and deeply passionate coach.

Mandla Cele_edited.png
Mandla Cele 
Social Worker

In May 2022 my supervisor presented me with an opportunity of meeting Jacquie Bhana for the purpose of attending Coaching sessions that were aimed at uplifting me professionally as well as on a personal level,  so that I may be as empowered and motivated in the type of work that I do.

When I approached Jacquie Bhana Consulting I was doubtful and unsure when it came to thinking about my goals, but few sessions down the line Jacquie Bhana Consulting assisted me in unlocking the door that introduced me to a new brave version of myself.

I am currently working on myself starting with little things such as the change of attitude and my approach to things.   One thing I enjoyed was her ability to make me set attainable goals by working with me on how to set SMART goals.

One of the methods that I find to be very interesting and I find myself applying it every time I encounter any obstacle  is a solution focused approach.  Instead of allowing a challenge or a problem to overwhelm me Jacquie   taught me a way in which to shift my focus and focus more on finding solutions.

If you want to grow academically, in business or on a personal level I would highly recommend Jacquie Bhana Consulting to you.

Yours faithfully

Mandla Cele

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