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Future Forecast: Is Your Business Ready for 2024?

The new year is upon us. It’s time to be ready to make 2024 your best year yet!

Let’s do so by taking stock of what worked from the year that has passed, and being intentional about how we want to tackle the new year – so that we can build high performing individuals, teams and communities.

You must have given some thought about what you want to achieve and where you want to be this year. Let’s make it a year where we tackle the bull by the horns, and forget our fears, anxieties, or even acts of procrastination and clarify our vision and goals for this year – and include both our work and life goals, along with considering a broader community in our thinking and planning to make an even bigger impact. Mindset is what matters most – it is important to think positively and believe that we can achieve those goals. Then let’s start working towards those with gusto!

So looking back on 2023, ask yourself:

- What was your biggest success or your biggest successes?

- What contributed to this?

- What will you continue to do?

- What were your biggest challenges, and what did not work for you?

- What have your learnt from those?

- What will you do differently?

- What conversations do you wish you had?

And looking to 2024:

- What are you most excited about achieving for this new year?

- Have you thought about specific actions to take in order to achieve those goals?

- Have you thought about who would assist you in the various areas?

- How do you hope to grow and develop?

- What tiny habits can you introduce to make your life more fulfilling?

- How will you take better care of yourself – both from a work and personal perspective?

- What legacy would you like to build?

- What would you like to end 2024 having achieved?

Set aside some time to ponder these questions and write down your answers. Keeping a journal is a really great idea.

Sit down with others and discuss your answers – it often helps to bounce ideas off other - trusted individuals – a good coach or mentor could assist.

Once they are down, review them on a regular basis to measure your success and to hold yourself accountable

Here is an easy tool for you to use:




Life’s a journey – enjoy the ride!

Jacquie Bhana

Jacquie Bhana Consulting

083 386 8343

Jacquie Bhana
Jacquie Bhana

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